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Start saving your hard earned money by setting spending targets!!!

Track My Expenses is a personal finance software that helps you curb your spending. Using this application you can track your expenses
against a Pre-set amount and a target date. You can start in 3 simple steps!

1) Set your target amount.
2) Set your target date.
3) Create categories e.g. Food, Fuel, Phone Bill, Clothing etc.
Start recording your expenses!

The main screen will always remind you of the amount left to spend and the target date. You can also
use the simple report feature that tell you the expenditures you have made against specific categories. So go
ahead, set a target amount and the date, start recording and see your expenses come down!!!


Following are some of the features available in Track My Expences. As the 1st version, I've kept the features less and simple. See Future features for upcoming features in the next release.
  • Manage categories : Create and manage your own categories. Keep them less, short and simple to get the most out of the app.
  • Multiple currencies : 5 currencies are supported in this version viz. $,,,INR. See Future features for additional currencies in next version...

I've added some screen shots for the app. Click here to view them. These are also available on Google Play.

Android Compatibility

Track My Expences is built for Android version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above.

Built using Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop